Other Services

1. Proofreading and Correction

In addition to our translation service, we offer some other services like proofreading and editing of texts previously translated by third parties, to ensure a higher quality of the final product. It is intended for scientists, researchers, lawyers, notaries, programmers of web pages, who are highly professional in their areas, but who require some linguistic support of a professional linguist. Furthermore, this service will be very useful for private companies and governmental institutions that need a review of their legal documentation or website, already translated into one of the above-mentioned languages.

This service refers to the revision of grammatical mistakes, as well as spelling, typographical and punctuation errors that can damage the translations. What we do is a bilingual review and comparison between the original text and the final translated text.

2. Editing

It refers to the revision of the style of the text. This type of service is known for its monolingual revision, when the text is “polished” for certain purposes, for example, to improve the media or promotional materials for the large or small companies well-known in the national and international markets. What we do is to do an adaptation of the text for a certain local market, taking into account new trends and information.

3. Transcription

Basically, it refers to the conversion of an audio or video of a conference, forum or workshop to the text both in the original language or in Spanish (transcription + translation). Our agency works with the following types of transcriptions: television or radio interviews, telephone conferences, speeches, debates, interviews among several people, testimonies of legal content.

Our pricing structure per transcription is based on a price per minute of audio or video recording, that varies according to the language and the complexity of the audio or video source. If the transcription must be translated to some other foreign language, the cost for the translation service will be added to the final price.

4. English and French Tutorials

Our tutorials are intended for those students who already have some knowledge of English or French, and who are interested in improving their intermediate levels to more advanced ones. The classes are mainly held in small groups of 5-6 learners and they last for 2 hours once a week. If you prefer private lessons, contact us, and we will give you more information about the possible schedules and special rates.

Each class session includes studies of some grammar topic and readings of some current issues related to history, countries, local traditions, customs, food, etc. This way, our students acquire a large vocabulary and fluency of expression and comprehension in a foreign language. Our costs are also competitive in the market of foreign languages teaching!

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