Quoting Process
How can you get our quote?
  • Send the document to translate scanned and in formats DOC, JPG, PDF, etc. to contacto@polyglot.com.mx.
  •  We will confirm the receipt of your document.
  •  Then, we will send you our response within 1-2 hours specifying the following:
    1. cost according to the urgency;
    2. delivery time;
    3. payment options.
  •  We will begin the translation after your quote confirmation.
  •  We will deliver our translation in the same format as the source text we received, including images, graphics, indexes, etc.
  • Guarantee
    We guarantee you the high quality of our translation work by means of the three important processes: of the terms, concordance and consistency with the target language, and correct usage of legal, financial and technical vocabularies.
  • Rates

    Our rates depend on the complexity of the terms in the original texts. They are mainly based on the number of words that the source document has. In any case, we will always give our customers the best price trying to lower the cost as much as possible. Each project is approached individually, in order to ensure our customers that the rates and the delivery times are the most convenient for them.

    Since our goal is to develop long-term business relationships with our clients, we can also grant discounts for very long documents and give incentives to the most frequent customers.

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